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Hannah Riley by Phosphorus-The-White Hannah Riley by Phosphorus-The-White

(*EDIT: Finally updated her picture*) 

Composed by Storm-X/Josh Ford
OC belongs to JamesMuthFuknBristol

Basic Facts-

Age: 16
Full Name: Riley, Hannah L.
Nicknames: None
Species: Canis lupus familiaris/Emrovian(Daschund Wiener Dog)
Birthdate: October 3
Birthplace: Mialo, Emrovia
Current Place: Emerald Thunder, the Caribbean 

Father: Franklin Riley (Unknown)
Mother: Charlene Riley (Deceased)
Brother: Albert Riley (Deceased)
Adoptive Sister: Allison Bristol (Active)

Physical Features-

Fur Color: Black/Brown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Size: 4’5”
Weight: 109 Lbs
Body Type: Muscled arms, slightly chubby
Blood Type: B-




- Expert Marksman with sniper rifles and some ARs
- High IQ of 185
- Master of detecting ambushes
- Skilled with a tomahawk; both in melee and throwing
- Master in Stealth
- Average swimming
-Acute sense of smell


Orientation: Bisexual (Leans towards girls)
Turn Ons: Well-shaped butts, swimsuits, big ears and fluffy tails.
Turn Offs: Skinniness, short-shorts.


Traits: She is in a deep state of depression, doesn't talk very much, is determined to follow her leader, Is sort of a mother-figure to Allison. She also has a fear of failing. Always says sorry whenever she does anything wrong. Hannah is also very calm and extremely kind to others that are younger than her. Often tries her best to stay positive. Is very serious in missions.

Overview: She does her job, always afraid of failing or letting her friends down, she takes care of Allison, through thick and thin.

Goals: Raise Allison well, to always do the right thing.


Likes: Being alone, playing with Allison, her sniper rifle, playing with dolls, sitting in the shade, eating.
Dislikes: The Cronex, guilt, failing, Allison's fear of water, Allison being hurt, scared, or sad, heights, being close to people in car rides.
Favorite Food: Likes anything, but has a soft spot for brisket.
Favorite Drink: iced tea.
Favorite Color: Green, brown
Favorite Music: Nature


Bullet Ranger Sniper and Scout

Instructor and Supervisor for Carrie

Known Languages-

English, Spanish, German, Cronex

Misc. Info-

Driver’s License: No.
Attire: Green Hoodie, silver t-shirt with black bandolier, silver gloves, black bullet belt, light brown pants, black boots with brown tips.
Swimsuit: Purple swimsuit, brown tights

Frankin Riley was a movie director who made horror and romantic films when he was a director. His horror films were an adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, mad scientist, and movies involving robots. He was very famous. In his adaptation of PotO, he met his true love, Charlene Woods who was an actress who played Christine in the movie.

Five years later, they married and have given birth to two kids; Albert Riley and Hannah Riley. Albert was a Golden Terrier who was a cheerful and playful boy who had a fascination with trains, and is their first born son. Unfortunately, he died at age three from getting kidnapped by a stranger and eventually died from outliving his usefulness when Hannah was only ten months old. Albert's death drove Charlene to overprotect Hannah and forbid her to walk outside of the house.

However, as the years went by, Franklin Riley's popularity began to decline along with his financial gain. He ended up making really crappy, low-budget Sci-fi movies that are so bad in quality and box office success, that it made Riley really depressed and hopeless.

Penniless, Franklin runs away from his family as he can no longer afford to take care of it. Eventually, Charlene and Hannah are kicked out from their home as they can no longer afford it and settle on the slums of Mildencove, a rotten, polluted city that is plagued with parasites. As Hannah starts adapting to the environment, Charlene's health starts to decay, eventually making her sick of Typhus, along with losing her sight; making her helpless. Desperate for medicine, Hannah leaves her mother to scavenge food and medicine from the trash. When Hannah returns, she sees the horrible sight of her mother being maimed, shot, stabbed, and torn to pieces. Hannah, stricken in guilt, decides to stay with her mother's corpse, and starve herself to die with her mother.

A few days later, Hannah is found in the rain by James Bristol and his team offering her food. However, Hannah refuses to eat. The rangers eventually bury what's left of Charlene and decide to take Hannah into their home to live and train to be a ranger herself. Hannah is still full of grief for her mother, which provokes her to drown herself in the Bristol Manor's pool using weights from the fitness center.

Luckily, James' mother Susan arrives just in time, and rescues Hannah. Thankful for being saved, Hannah starts to change her ways and have something to live for: To have a family that actually cares for her.

Due to impressing the team with her sniping talent, she is vigorously trained to be the team's sniper and scout; helping the Rangers in long-range combat and spotting the enemy and ambush points. She also developed a bond with the leader's sister Allison, and often made friends with her team. As she is now an expert, Hannah was promoted to be one of the Rangers' top tier members alongside Emily Schneider, Simon Miller, and James himself. She was even hired by the Emrovian government to take part in her own solo missions, and was also promoted to be the instructor and supervisor of Carrie Helens, one of the newest of recruits.

People of Interest:

James: Practically saved Hannah's life, and gave her a new home.

Allison: Hannah treats Allison like her own sister, though they share different blood.

Tabitha: Is one of her best friends, but they sometimes argue and compete with each other sometimes.

Harvey: Were first rivals due to Hannah's jealousy towards him, but she secretly has a crush on him.

Susan: Is a mother figure for her, and Hannah often visits her when she has emotional problems. Susan also saved Hannah from drowning during a suicide attempt.

Nicole: Is her girlfriend, as she feels a lot more protected when around her. The fox also saved her from drowning during an accident in training. 


Depression and PTSD- After Hannah witnessed her mother’s grizzly death, she feels pangs of guilt, failure and sorrow, it also makes her antisocial and not talk to strangers. Sometimes, she can get hallucinations and emotional breakdowns when certain events remind her of the "incident".

Carsickness- In long and bumpy car rides, she can be very disoriented and nauseas especially when there's not much space.

Acrophobia- Is terrified of heights, as she is very uncomfortable with heights to the point of spasms and nausea, along with distress and sudden dehydration. She can even be reduced to tears when panicking. 

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