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James Bristol by Phosphorus-The-White James Bristol by Phosphorus-The-White
Composed by JamesMuthfuknBristol
OC belongs to JamesMuthfuknBristol

Basic Facts-

Age: 33
Full Name: Bristol, James M.
Species: Atelerix albiventris/Emrovian
Birthdate: September 13th
Birthplace: Alostet, Emrovia
Current Place: Emerald Thunder, the Caribbean 

Father: Joseph Bristol(Deceased)
Mother: Susan Bristol
Uncle: Roger Bristol
Sister: Allison Bristol
Wife: Tiffany Zeola Bristol

Physical Features-
Fur Color: Brown/Black
Hair Color: Black
Size: 5'5
Weight: 98 lbs
Body Type: Muscular, and of normal shape
Blood Type: A+


-Expert at medium and close-range combat
-Skilled with Assault Rifles and explosives.
-Brawler and good with sharp objects
-Decent swimmer
-Medium strength


Orientation: Straight
Turn On's: Guns, explosives, practical jokes, video games, and swimming.
Turn Off's: Serious people, snobs, racists, and no-lifers.


Traits: Cocky, laid-back, impatient, very straight and to the point, energetic at times .

Overview: James is a mercenary who likes two things: Fun and money. He does a lot of things to accomplish these things, and is very cocky and reckless as the leader of the Rangers. However, he also has a heart of gold to his best friends and the people he loves. He can also get impatient when it comes to accomplishing a task. He also gets serious when the situation calls for it.

However, when older, he had gotten wiser if not more responsible for commanding the B.R. 

Goals: To make the Bullet Rangers the best PMC in the world, and to have fun.


Likes: Guns, explosions, the Bullet Rangers, violent video-games(Shooters and Fighters are his favorites), swimming, playing water polo, being with his friends, having no rules.

Dislikes: Snobs, people taking things seriously, nerds, when his friends get hurt, getting bad memories, Sasha's immaturity, losing, communism, bullies, when people don't take his ideas for consideration.

Favorite Food: Chicken Burgers.
Favorite Drink: Mountain Fizz.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Music: Power Metal, Rap, Rock & Roll.


Leader and Founder of the Bullet Rangers
President of Emerald Thunder

Known Languages-


Misc. Info-

Driver's License: Yes.
Attire: Green T-shirt, Black vest, Blue Jeans, Grey and brown shoes, Black and Orange backpack, Brown gloves.
Swimsuit: Green and yellow trunks.

People of Interest-

Tiffany- Tiffany is James' girlfriend who will always support him and help him. They were also childhood friends and she taught him how to swim when he was five.

Emily- Emily is James' friend who saved him from getting tortured and freed him from Perkistahn Prison. She also co-founded the Bullet Rangers.

Rico- One of James' best friends.

Simon- James' first recruit and friend in middle school.

Allison- Is James' baby sister.

Natroska- Is James' childhood enemy who often picked on him for being friends with reptiles. James' hates her guts and will always play pranks on her. However, after being reformed, James tends to feel sorry about thei rivalry, though he is strict when training her.

Sasha- Is a father to her, and often tries to reason with her fear of water, and tends to play with her if lonely.


Instability: James is very loud and impulsive who never resorts in stealth, causing him and his team trouble.

Horsephobia: James has a long lasting fear of horses; rendering him unable to ride on them for transportation.

Poor eyesight: Is hardly able to see at long distances; making him unable to use snipers.

Bad at managing money

    James was born to Joseph and Susan Bristol at the Bristol Manor during the beginning of fall. Most of James childhood took place at his mansion in a town called Alostet, which is a lower class town that is south of Emrovia, a divine utopian country right above Mobotropolis. Despite Alostet being run down from poverty, the Bristols however, are the wealthy elite in that town. Joseph made a living from founding his own weapons manufacturing company after serving with the Emrovian Military for five years, while his wife Susan made a living from being a lawyer in Empire City. 

Even though the family was incredibly wealthy, Nobody in James' school ever knew he was rich due to his average-looking appearance and non-elegant attitude. Because of this, James made a decent amount of friends while being a bit of a trouble maker to his teachers. However, when his baby sister Allison was born three years after him, James had grown to be more polite and kind to girls since. During 3rd grade, however was when his life had changed to the best, when the Zeola family moved next door to the Bristols. This was when he was introduced to Tiffany, who James would become her first and best friend, as they played a lot together at the Zeola's backyard. Tiffany and her mother also taught James how to swim at their backyard pool, since the hedgehog never encountered that deep of water until then. 

However, when James was ten, his father was forced to enlist in the military again when Cronahn had declared war on Emrovia. After which, Joseph never saw James again, as he died when his son was fifteen. Because of Joe's death, his wife had retired from her job out of guilt and depression, but fortunately, she gets welfare to support her family. However, at the age of eighteen, James had decided to enlist in the Emrovian Marine Corps despite Susan's pleading not to. Because of which, he served in the Emro-Cronahn War for about seven years, in which the Emrovians had lost. 

As a result, the Cronex had completely taken over Emrovia, with the Chancellor being assassinated after they take over the capital of Empire City, with Hemlocke Ivanova being the new Emperor of Emrovia. After the conflict, James is forced to discharge the military and head home in hiding. With the Cronex now after him and his family for supporting the Saraxians (who they are racist against because of their race), James would head out to avenge his father's death by forming a group of thieves of mercenaries with his friends, called the Bullet Rangers. 

At first, the Bullet Rangers would only have four people in a tight-knit group, but would quickly grow in membership as they liberate work camps, towns, and through the use of their propaganda. Eventually, the Rangers would begin to get paid for their deeds, making a living for themselves and others. As the member count reaches to the hundreds, it turns out Alostet is too small for so many people, so they began to build a base of operations in the middle of Empire City. 

When James reaches his mid-twenties, the members had flourished toward the thousands. Now a private military corporation, the Rangers would often work for the remaining government in the now liberated Emrovia, with the Bullet Rangers becoming legend. At the age of twenty-five, James had decided to build a base in the Caribbean, christened "Emerald Thunder". This base would become the very home of the Bullet Rangers, free from any governments, ideologies, or religion. In a way, Emerald Thunder is a country, with the members becoming a family. 

Toward his thirties however, was when James had decided to retire from combat after years of fighting the Cronex and regaining control of his country.  He also got married with Tiffany, his childhood sweetheart, and decided that he had gone through enough pain and sorrow, and should seek a happy life. Now, he focuses on commanding the remaining troops in the B.R, while watching over those who aren't fighting. He would fight only if Emerald Thunder gets attacked, but for now, he is living in peace. 
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